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FMHCA is a chapter of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, and is the only organization working exclusively for LMHCs in Florida.


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Close Up: COVID-19 Through the Lens of Inpatient Psychiatry

22 May 2020 12:53 PM | Laura Giraldo (Administrator)

“These are times only dreamed of.  In nightmares.  We are living through an historic season of political, cultural and psychological stress.  The physical and economic tolls are vast.  But so are the psychological and emotional costs.  Driven to our homes, most families live in tight quarters, with no relief from the oppressive “closeness” that governmental restrictions force.  No school, little work, zero freedom, and diminished cash flow for almost everyone.  When we do go out, we “socially distance” ourselves.  Eye contact is furtive and brief.  We hurry away from human contact.  We hold our breath unconsciously.  Some return to our homes alone. 

There is another “curve” on our near horizon, one of equal proportion: that of mental instability and emotional dis regulation brought on by this lack of human contact.  We need each other.  We are gregarious social animals.  Our psychological self-regulation depends on warm touch and the reassurance of our families and tribes.  And the freedom to pursue our dreams.  Without these we are adrift, and sometimes very, very troubled.   

 As therapists, we are essential “first responders”.  Depression, panic, bi-polarity, eating disorders, addiction, self-harm and suicide will be exacerbated by this pandemic.  We already see this in our practices, especially as we consider referring our patients to higher, more restrictive levels of care.    

This workshop will feature two expert licensed therapists from Coral Shores Behavioral Health, a premier psychiatric hospital in Stuart, FL.  Theirs is a unique view:  in-patient psychiatric care both acute and long term.  They face the pressure of these issues daily and we’ll learn some of their unique approaches in this difficult time.    

Disclaimer: Continuing education credit/certificates are available only to those who attended the live webinar on 5/22/20. This recording was posted for educational purposes only.

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