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The Brain-Savvy Therapist: Neurobiology and Attachment in Psychotherapy

19 Apr 2020 1:38 PM | Diana Huambachano (Administrator)

 Interpersonal neuro-biology is an interdisciplinary field that brings together many areas of science beyond psychology including anthropology, biology, linguistics, mathematics, and physics to determine common findings of the human experience from different perspectives. Ultimately, interpersonal neuro-biology has brought such fields together to create a definition of the human mind and what the mind needs for maximum health.

At its core, interpersonal neuro-biology holds that we are ultimately who we are because of our relationships. Attachment theory explores the critical importance of one’s early experiences with caregivers in terms of forming later patterns of relating. This is where interpersonal neuro-biology and attachment theory are intertwined. When childhood needs are met, reliably and consistently, one is said to have “secure attachment” and the ability to connect with and be with the full range of our inner experiences and that of others. However, when our early interactions are affected by an inability to have our needs met, we may begin to separate parts of ourselves or negatively view parts of ourselves causing ruptures in our connections both intra-psychically (within ourselves) and inter-psychically (with others).

We know much more about the brain and its importance in the psychological healing process than we did long ago. More important than any particular technique is our ability to demonstrate that we are attuned to and understanding of our clients and their pain. Helping clients heal and grow is through the relationship we have with them.Dr. Marni Feuerman has integrated interpersonal neuro-biology, mind-body work, and attachment theory into her clinical practice and has noted profound and long-lasting changes from doing so. Regardless of the therapeutic approach or population, becoming “brain-savvy” is a must for practitioners to stay on the cutting edge of their clinical work with clients.

Disclaimer: Continuing education credit/certificates are available only to those who attended the live webinar on 4/19/20. This recording was posted for educational purposes only.

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