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Local Chapters

Here you can find the "one stop shop" for all local chapter resources. 

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Section 1. Organization of Local Chapters

The Association encourages the development of local Chapters to promote local interest and participation in the profession. New chapters may be accepted by the Board of Directors upon meeting the following criteria:

  • The group must consist of at least 12 members
  • There may be no more than one FMHCA local Chapter in any given geographical area.
  • The Local Chapter will organize in accordance with the Bylaws of FMHCA and develop their own Chapter bylaws to reflect local operations and structure. They will assure that their chapter is in compliance with applicable FMHCA Bylaws concerning local chapters
  •  All officers of the Local Chapter will be members in good standing of FMHCA 
  • Charter status is awarded to the Local Chapter by the FMHCA Board of Directors.
  • The Local Chapter will be free to conduct its affairs at the local level in compliance with the Bylaws of the Association, an
  •  Local chapters must present Chapter Bylaws to the FMHCA Board of Directors for approval to become an official Chapter of FMHCA.
  •  All Chapters officers must be FMHCA members                                                   
Section 2. Reports
Each local Chapter will submit a written report annually by September 1 to the Secretary of the FMHCA Board to include 1) a summary of Chapter activities during the past year 2) a current roster of its officers and 3) a list of members.
Section 3. Charter Renewal Standards
  • Standards for charter renewal reflect the sound organization and development necessary for a Local Chapter of FMHCA.
  • The Secretary of the FMHCA Board will make recommendations annually to the FMHCA Board of Directors concerning charter renewal for each Local Chapter.
  • Standards and Procedures for Charter Renewal will be established by policy in accordance with the Bylaws. 
Section 4. Involuntary Revocation of Chapter
  • The Board of Directors will have the power to revoke the charter of a Local Chapter when it is deemed in the best interests of the Association to do so.
  • Procedures for revoking the charter of a local chapter will be established by policy. 

Section 5. Interest Sections of "Special Interest Groups" ("SIGs")

"Special interest Groups" (SIGs) may be organized on a state-wide or local basis to promote professional interests not otherwise included in the organizational structure of FMHCA. A group of FMHCA members interested in establishing an interest section may petition the FMHCA Board of Directors for SIG status. The Board of Directors will adopt policies and procedures relative to formation, governance and funding of SIGs


Broward Mental Health Counselors Association  

Chapter President: Tanya DiGeronimo tdigeronimolmhc@gmail.com

Emerald Coast Mental Health Counselors Association

Chapter President: Joe Skelly jskelly@flmhca.org  

Mental Health Counselors Association of Central Florida 

Website: http://www.mhccf.wildapricot.org/

Chapter President: Laura Peddie-Bravo 


Mental Health Counselors Association of Palm Beach County 

Website: http://www.mhcapbc.org/ 

Chapter President: John Davis, LMHC jdlmhc@gmail.com

Space Coast Mental Health Counselors Association 

Website: http://spacecoastcounselors.org/ 

ChapterPresident: KristinWoodling kristin@pamperyourmind.com

Suncoast Mental Health Counselors Association

Website: http://www.suncoastmhca.org/  

Chapter President: Gina Midyett gmmidyett@aol.com  

Northeast Florida Mental Health Counselors Association

Website: https://www.facebook.com/NEFMHCA  

Chapter President: Erica Whitfield  board@nefmhca.com

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