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Member Directory & Qualified Supervisor Directory

Use this feature to search for fellow FMHCA members and connect! 

To search for Qualified Supervisors, click "Advanced search", then select "Yes" next to "Are you a Qualified Supervisor?". You will then be provided with a list of ALL members who indicated they are Qualified Supervisors. To search for Qualified Supervisors in your county, select "Yes" next to "Are you a Qualified Supervisor?" and type your county next to "What county do you live in?" 

We provide you with a list of Qualified Supervisors as a courtesy to our members. Please note, it is the responsibility of each student member to research their Supervisor to ensure they have all of the qualifications.

Please visit https://appsmqa.doh.state.fl.us/IRM00PRAES/PRASLIST.ASP#theBottom to verify the license of a practitioner before contacting them. Under "Qualifications" you will see "Qualified Supervisor" listed if this person is indeed qualified to be a Qualified Supervisor.

If you would like your information to be added to this list, please email it to office@flmhca.org

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