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We invite you to contribute your efforts and encourage you to volunteer as there are numerous opportunities for you to get involved and make a difference. For more information on how to participate right away, contact the chair committee.

Joining a committee is a great way to participate in our organization and increase your presence in our community. We have several committees that we would love you to participate in! Below is a list of all our committees, and below that is more information about each committee, along with a listing of the committee's chairperson and members. 

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee receives and reviews requests from Association members relating to the ethical conduct of Association members or officers and any other issue of an ethical nature that may come before the Association. It also makes recommendations for action to the Board of Directors.

Chair: Michael Holler mholler@flmhca.org

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee actively promotes FMHCA membership among Florida Mental Health Counselors, Mental Health Counselor Interns and others with professional or job-related interests in mental health counseling.

Co Chair: Darlene Silvernail  dsilvernail@flmhca.org

Co Chair: Judith  Roberts office@flmhca.org

Registered Intern & Graduate Student Committee

The Registered Intern & Graduate Student Committee will actively promote FMHCA membership among students enrolled in mental health counseling programs in Florida colleges and universities. It is also committed to increasing FMHCA’s services to graduate students and interns and assisting them as they begin their careers as Licensed Mental Health Counselors.

Co Chair: Laura Giraldo lgirald4@stu.southuniversity.edu

Co Chair: Tania Diaz tdiaz@albizu.edu

Chapter Relations Committee

The Chapter Relations Committee advertises association events and works closely with all committee Chairpersons to relay their interest and concerns to the public as appropriate. It helps promote understanding and positioning of mental health counseling to the public, third party payers, employers and other professionals. This committee is also interested in promoting the profession through the exchange of professional information among mental health counselors through newsletters, journals or other scientific, educational and/or professional materials.

Chair: Erica Whitfield  nefmhca@gmail.com

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee prepares the budget for the upcoming fiscal year and presents it to Board of Directors for approval at the first meeting of the fiscal year. The finance Committee may submit revisions to the approved budget as necessary.

Chair: Darlene Silvernail  dsilvernail@flmhca.org

Nominations & Elections Committee

The Nominations and Elections Committee is responsible for carrying out nominations and elections procedures.

Chair:Michael Holler mholler@flmhca.org

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee is responsible for advocating and implementing the FMHCA legislative platform. Issues impacting the profession of mental health counseling at the state level will be addressed by FMHCA, including issues involving legislation, agency regulation and encroachment by other entities on the practice of mental health counseling. The Government Relations Committee represents FMHCA regularly at 491 Board meetings. The committee also informs and enlists support from members as to pertinent legislative issues and positions beneficial to the membership.

Chair: Louise Sutherland-Hoyt lsutherland@flmhca.org

Conference Planning Committee

The Conference Planning Committee is responsible for planning FMHCA’s annual conference. This includes, but is not limited to, determining the location for the conference, advertising the conference, budgeting, obtaining sponsors, obtaining and organizing speakers, publishing the conference brochure, and helping assist members sign in and obtain materials during the actual conference.

Chair: Darlene Silvernail  dsilvernail@flmhca.org

Education, Training Standards & Continuing Education Committee

The Education, Training Standards, and Continuing Education Committee monitors the professional development needs of the Association's members. It develops and implements a comprehensive plan of continuing education directed towards clinical and practical issues. The committee is also responsible for providing workshops, publications, and in-service opportunities related to identified needs.

Chair:  Aaron Norton anorton@flmhca.org

Military Service Committee

The Military Service Committee directs the attention of FMHCA members to the needs of veterans, their families and other military personnel, especially those whose active duty included service in combat zones. The committee will also provide members with information on governmental programs that provide opportunities for service to this population.

Chair: Elsworth "Tony" Williams  ellsworth@vetscounselingvets.org

Research Committee

The primary purpose of the Research Committee is to promote scientific research and inquiry into mental health concerns.

Chair: Hassiem Kambui  hkambui@flmhca.org

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee considers proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the FMHCA and drafts them in proper form for submission to the members at the annual meeting.

Chair:  Kathie Erwin  kerwin@flmhca.org

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