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FMHCA Calendar of Events

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 06 Developing your Inner Project Manager: Fostering an Environment of Productivity
Jan 11 Board Meeting
Jan 24 Government Relations Committee Meeting
Jan 27 Transitioning to ICD-10-CM: What It Means for the Diagnosis of Mental Disorders
Feb 02 Annual Conference 2017
Feb 02 Annual Conference 2017 Exhibitor & Sponsorship
Feb 02 Treating Anxiety and Phobia (EMDR Level 1)
Feb 02 Required State of Florida CEUs for Re-Licensure
Feb 02 8 Hours Laws and Rules
Feb 02 Neurocise™ – A brain-based (NeuroTechnic) intervention to “take your clients literally” & Update Client’s Models of the World.
Feb 02 Integrated Medicine Skill Training Session
Feb 24 Neuropsychological Evaluations: An Under - Used Tool in Mental Health Counseling Practice
Mar 24 Facilitating Emergence: A Model for Launching Young Adults with Cognitive and Emotional Challenges
Apr 28 Ethics and Social Media in the Digital Age
May 26 Use of Motivational Interviewing to Broaden Your Skills with Your Clients
Jun 23 Maternal Mental Health: What Therapists Need to Know
Jul 12 FMHCA Board Meetings
Jul 28 Working with Kinky Clients
Aug 09 FMHCA Board Meetings
Aug 25 Multicultural Counseling: A Mosaic, Not a Melting Pot
Sep 13 FMHCA Board Meetings
Sep 22 Navigating Professional Practice Boundaries: From Telehealth to Portability
Oct 11 FMHCA Board Meetings
Oct 27 Integrative Psychotherapies- New Paradigms in Psychotherapy
Nov 08 FMHCA Board Meetings
Nov 10 How to Have the Difficult Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding with Family, Coworkers, Parents, Partners or Children
Dec 08 Addressing Tobacco Use in Behavioral Health
Dec 13 FMHCA Board Meetings
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